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Made to improve communication between doctor and patient and to allow to increase the acceptance rate of the treatment plan. Room and VixWin SW included.

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GXC-300 displays in a simple and effective the patient's condition in order to help the professional presentation of the plan of care; at the same time it helps to involve the patient, which is therefore more motivated and more conducive to collaboration. With precision optics, Sony CCD sensors and the system of LED lighting, such as clinicians, patients can enjoy clear images without distortions. Portability Gendex GXC-300 adopts the characteristics of portability and time savings. The handpiece light can be easily transferred between different workstations thanks to direct connection to the PC via USB high speed, no "docking station" is required. No distortion thanks to advanced technology perspective direct (true optics). The presence of a sliding button for adjusting the focus, providing maximum performance. The side button enables the acquisition of serial 4 images. 4 LED lighting system. The activation and deactivation performance of the camera is managed automatically depending on whether or not this is placed in its cradle. The door handle can be mounted almost anywhere so it is always at hand.

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Gendex GXC-300

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Combining the latest video technologies, the GXC-300 is an exceptional tool for patient education, higher case acceptance, and improved patient communication.
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