LOBO TLD Technical Light Dental

LOBO TLD Technical Light Dental


Extremely light: 13 g
Yellow filter for composites, built-in tilting
Temperature: color 6000°K
Light intensity: variable from 0 to 500 lm Light beam 6 °
Autonomy: 8 hours of light at maximum power
Can be installed on prismatic and Galilean magnification of all models and brands on the market.

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ALMVb power supply:

  • Japanese quality lithium battery power supply
  • Pocket-sized with clips to secure the pocket, light and sturdy
  • Potentiometer for light intensity adjustment
  • Dimensions 90 x 43 x 32mm weight 140 g
  • Rechargeable in 3 hours
  • The cable can be connected and removed from the spotlight and from the battery power supply

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LOBO TLD Technical Light Dental


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