MORITA Tri Auto Mini Cordless

MORITA Tri Auto Mini Cordless

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New and innovative Battery operation and wireless speed flexible range from 50 to 1000 rpm 6 storage locations for treatment parameters modulary expandable with Root ZX mini For all standard NiTi files

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Flexibility • Can be used with all types of files NiTi • Handpiece Swivel (250 degrees) for optimum visibility in each quadrant • Speed ​​range between 50 to 1.000 rpm • Suitable for right-handed use • Battery operated (rechargeable) and without • Handpiece cable Treatment comfortable handle with very small head (19mm) for a high patient comfort. • LCD color, light, energy-saving • Choice of tone signals • Rotation speed of file variables • Values ​​of torque variables • 6 positions saving treatment parameters • Security Functions Innovative ?? Auto Torque Reverse ?? Auto Torque Slow Down: ?? Reducing the speed of rotation reaches the limit torque • Visual indication on the display of the location of the file * • Change of display color approaching the apex * * in combination with Root ZX mini Modular System • Connects with Root ZX mini apex locator by wire transfer • Additional functions for an optimal root canal work ?? Measuring the length ?? Start and Stop function ?? Stop automatic height ?? Automatic reverse rotation apex ?? Slowing auto apex Tri Auto mini -Data Technical handpiece Display LCD Weight 78 g Motor: 50 to 1.000 rpm Torque: 3.9 Ncm Battery (rechargeable): 3.7 V lithium-ion Diameter: 28 mm / height: 150 mm

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MORITA Tri Auto Mini Cordless


-New and innovative functions
-Rechargeable battery operation and cable-free
-Flexible speed range from 50 - 1,000 rpm
-6 storage locations for treatment parameters
-Modulary expandable with Root ZX mini
-For all standard NiTi files

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