Silfradent 801S Trimmer

Silfradent 801S Trimmer

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Appliance which allows to regularize the size of the model avoiding the dimensional variations of the same due to humidity, as well as reducing the drying times and the problems arising from the requirements of the law for the disposal of waste processing.

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The main features are: • a new design with ergonomic • brush motor that reaches a speed of 27,000 rpm • power cable with quick release system • Built-in cooling • Precision chuck, easily adjustable and replacement, given the extent of 2.35 mm, (option 3 mm) • locking of the clamp by ¼ of a turn of the handle. The power supplies combined with this micromotor offer the following advantages: • torque compensation at low speed, equal to 80% of maximum power • dual current limiting to protect the motor in case of overload or sudden blocks during processing • brake circuit which stops within seconds the micromotor. On the basis of the same power supply circuit, they have been made various controls. Foot operated with Unilever.

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Silfradent 801S Trimmer


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