Sopro 717 First

Sopro 717 First

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Complete Video Room Still image handpiece.

Offer including docking station.

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The extraordinary subtlety of the distal one of the main advantages of the Sopro 717 which, thanks to its design, in an innovative aesthetic and its simplicity, s'integrerà perfectly in any type of work environment, without interfering with your customs . An optical group very sophisticated and electronics of high quality developed according to a 1/4 "CCD. Thanks to these characteristics, the Sopro 717 is able to offer exceptional image quality. Regardless of the location chosen, l 'picture becomes immediately clear thanks to the very high depth of field enjoyed by the Sopro 717. 3 presets by clicking: macro (1 to 5 mm), intraoral (5 to 50 mm) and extra-oral (30mm to infinity). You can optimize your images in all circumstances thanks to 8 LED next generation able to provide 50% more light than conventional LEDs. In addition to the video and S-video outputs, the control box is also equipped with a digital video output USB2. Just touch the device SoproTouch located on the handle to lock the desired image on the screen.

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SOPRO 717 First


Complete Video Room Still image handpiece.

Complete offer of Docking Station.

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