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DE MARCO Pulse oximeter PC 66


Pulse oximeter PC 66 - Lightweight and easy to handle.

359,29 €   378,20 € VAT included
294,50 €   310,00 € Without VAT

DE Marco Termosaldatrice Hawo hd 260 MS8


For bags and rolls of paper and polypropylene for steam sterilization. For polyamide rolls for dry sterilization and for any type of plastic (eg. Envelopes for fingerprints or templates).

610,00 € VAT included
500,00 € Without VAT

CASTELLINI micromotors and electronic air induction

Brushless technology with high efficiency and durability, no internal contacts crawling.

CASTELLINI Attack turbines

Or CASTELLINI Attack turbines

CASTELLINI Ultrasound multipurpose

Ultrasound Dentistry Effective and safe, with the utmost respect of the soft tissues.

CASTELLINI curing lamps

Fixtures for the acceleration of the polymerization of composites.

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DE MARCO set BOL First Aid 4


resuscitation set containing: 1 rubber ball 2 Dutral resuscitation masks, 1 tongue forceps, mouth opener 1 plastic cone 2 Guedel airways, oxygenation mask 1 - 1 tube fitting cylinder / ball oxygen tanks from authorized retailers

107,79 €   113,46 € VAT included
88,35 €   93,00 € Without VAT